All We Expected/Raum Kingdom: Split

All We Expected & Raum Kingdom - Split album cove Label: Independent
Album Type: Split
Date Released: 09/14/2015
Band info: Facebook | Facebook

My understanding of the term “post rock” is relatively limited but somewhere along the lines of a coming together of the power of rocking doom and the intricacies and moodiness of the alternative scene, as I said, that’s just my understanding.

So I am greeted with the best of both worlds here as All We Expected as they merge the moody power vibes of Pavement, Pixies and Isis with the sheer presence and volume of 40 years of riffage.

All We Expected are from Belgium, home to OMSQ I think which are another fantastic post wotsit type band. Here we have two instrumental tracks that roll along an undulating surface, sometimes just about keeping the lid on it and keeping it together, and other times, uh-oh, the beast is out, and all hell breaks loose!

On track 2, “Flood,” Artuur Bruwier keeps very clean and tight drums, whilst the others play around with fast/slow, loud/quiet building soundscapes that swell and pulsate, and when it breaks loose it really feels like crashing tides upon me.

Raum Kingdom start off with a guitar note being held like the long trumpet sounds on Serio Leone’s Spaghetti Westerns, and similarly to All we Expected its all Grand Guignol in approach, vast and deep.

Raum Kingdom are a 4 piece from Ireland and on first track “Grace” Dave Lee uses his vocals to span whispers and pseudo ‘eastern flavour’, through to growls and harsh howls. I would imagine Nephililm and Sisters of Mercy fans could get in to this along with the post metal crowd as it feels like it would cater for many a taste.

“Lost in the Hunt” opens loud and powerful, but let’s go of the reins for Dave’s phasing dreamlike vocals. Later on it offers some interplay between bass, drums and guitar before Dave returns in angry howling mode. With the addition of the vocals I get the feeling of the extra emotions of anger and frustration which I may be missing from All We Expect. Nevertheless both these sets are excellent in delivery and execution.

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