Alastor – Black Magic Review

Alastor - Black Magic

Swedish doomsayers Alastor are releasing this EP on Twin Earth in March 2017 digitally and CD, and maybe a vinyl copy will follow. It has a very Swedish sound, as it’s opening riffs remind me of Monolord and that fuzzed-out-greebo-leather-clad-stained-denim-biker-stoner-rock. The vocals have that kinda disorientating distant recorded in the next room feel to them, and the guitar wah-wahs are sublime accompanied by crunching feedback. They play rather slow, so songs are on the longer side, and take time to develop and ripen up.

They promote their brand of sound and stance very well, however, one criticism is that it is rather monotonous, I know, reading that word as a negative is odd in these pages, but I get lost a little in its familiarity and would like something to pique my interest. But, moving on to the third and final headline track “Black Magic” it reminds me of Iggy Pop’s “Night Clubbing” but slooowwed down. We all heard Dolly Parton get a similar treatment this year, so I will now endeavour to break my turntable by comparing Iggy to Alastor!

Join them as they “Die in Fire.”

All together now…

“Black Magic, it’s Black Magic
We walk like a ghost
Black Magic, it’s Black Magic
Like the nuclear bomb”

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