Akasava: Strange Aeons

Akasava - Strange Aeons album coverIt’s been a tough couple of days following the General Election in the UK, and this has lifted my spirits. French Occult rockers Akasava have this EP lined up for release on June 26th and I hope it fares well with fans of Blood Ceremony and Uncle Acid and so on, as it is a real stomper of a slice of60s psychedelic sonic sex.

‘The Deep’ blasts out like Lee Dorian singing ‘Come Together’ by the Beatles. It would certainly sit well on The White Album, although Louis’s vocals crack on some of the longer higher notes, but the whiskey rough tinge absorbs you in to his realm of smoky rooms, stone cold halls and dank basement dungeons.

‘Sons of Bastet’ breaks loose from the starter pistol like a Stooges, MC5, Blue Cheer turbo charged hot rod. It is honest greasy, dirty rock n roll. It excites you like rock n roll should do, as if it is played on the cusp of complete freedom and chaos. Something is keeping it together, just about.

We quieted down for an intro of guitar picks and psychedelic widdly-ness as ‘The Witch is Rising’ accompanied with breathy vocals and echo effects. The word ‘Rising’ is whispered, and any song like this, done well scares the Bejesus out of us, and this builds to a climactic swell, illustrating the title; the witch is slowly gaining power and strength…. and exhausted, the song slows descends and fades.

This is an excellent release that is well worth exploring. Arnold’s organ comes to the fore in the final two tracks, its fragile sound reminding me of Germanic Kosmiche Rock of Ash Ra Tempel.

Label: Independent
Album Type: EP
Date Released: 05/26/2015
Band info: Facebook

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