A.H.P.: Against Human Plague

ahp_against_human_plague_album_cover Date Released: 02/21/2016
Label: Via Nocturna
Album Type: Full Length
Album info: Bandcamp

This is really a cut and shut motor. Two distinct album sounds forged together as each alternate track switches between bruising black metal and dark wave dungeon-esque ambience. It reminds me of a Rick Wakeman cd I once had in the shop I worked in, no, please stay with me on this. It was some sci fi story interspersed with tracks of his music, and you could programme the cd tracking to either play the story chapter by chapter, or the music, or both together. And this is what I feel with this one. I am unsure of the alternating offer here myself, as it really is track by track, if they bled in to each other it might make more of a story in itself, but as it stands it really comes across as different distinct sounds.

And this maybe how it was conceived. It is all Gulnar’s ideas here, you may know him from the black metal band Illness and he has helpers, or minions collaborating with him here as session musicians.

I do like it, I just think I will programme it to play as two distinct sides of an old LP. “Unleased the Storms” and “Drowned” have some very intense screaming on, with well played fast BM guitar, complemented by some simple guitar string picking that gives balance. The ambient pieces do reflect their titles. “Down Here,” “Dungeon of Rotting Corpses,” and I like the replicated crackling vinyl sound added on some of these to increase the spooky atmosphere.

• • • • •