Above Aurora: Onwards Desolation

Above Aurora - Onwards Desolation album cover Date Released: 05/27/2016
Label: Pagan Records
Album Type: EP

This is very easy listening, and I don’t mean big band jazz, but I do recommend you Google James Last playing “Silver Machine” it is awesome. No, I mean this rolls along very smoothly.

The debut release from Poland’s Above Aurora, Onwards Desolation, will arrive via Pagan Records on the 27th of May.

It is atmospheric doom with touches of blackened spike! It is hypnotic which is why I feel it is easy listening. It has lulled me in to its arms, I am mesmerised and if I am stung by its lethal spike, it is too late, I am gone. Maybe the hypnotic rhythmic effect is due to nothing taking a lead as such, all the sounds are blended, vocals included, to create something that is a little hard to grasp, a little illusive!

It is a rather desolate album, I guess the clue is in the title, but it really does draw you in overwhelming you with a bleak hopeless sound. Track three, “Descending,” opens with some loose discordant blackened guitar style, nailing the sign on the door “Abandon faith all ye who enter here.”

Above Aurora have succeeded well in creating something horrific that is also so beautiful at the same time, it feels like I am staring in to the Ark of the Covenant at the end of the first Indiana Jones film where the rush of emotions and feelings are speeding along a rollercoaster where I am NOT in control, but have paid good money to ride it in that great theme park Oxymoronland!

“Non Slava Me” finishes us off as a fast paced romp, breaking at the end and leaving us with sweet angelic harmonic voices. An excellent debut album, well worth the entrance fee!

• • • • •